Protective Services

Security, Investigations, Protection and Counter Measures

Personal and Property Protection

Police, Federal Agents, Military and Private Contractors

Off-Duty and Retired Police Officers, Concealed Carry Agents, Former Government and Military Agents all dedicated to protecting your interests. When hiring Southern Executive Security Services you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. All representatives of SESS complete a full background screening and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This protects your brand, clients, family, friends and yourself. Our agents undergoing specialized training in communication skills, dealing with the media and how to handle various scenarios that help prevent disclosure of sensitive information. Confidentiality is vital in protecting our clients interests and we has a strict policy on maintaining information security.

  • Professional Demeanor and Attire.
  • Qualified and Fit Agents.
  • Open or Concealed Carry.
  • Educated on Professionalism.

Advanced Security Equipment

Sophisticated Technology

SESS offers Polygraph Exams and Lie Detector Testing for private and government sector purposes. Our Licensed Poligrapher has extensive training and has logged thousands of hours of exams over the years of their careers. Some of the uses for these types of exams include:

Counterintelligence: • Espionage • Sabotage • Terrorist Activity • Deliberate dissemination of information • Intentional compromise of information or security Suitability: • Employment and Pre-Employment Background (*Restrictions Apply) • Personal involvement with illegal activity • Marital, Domestic and Infidelity Investigations • Family Matters

Security Consulting and Risk Assessments

Analysis and Prevention

Risk Assessments Continually managing safety risks for yourself, family and business minimizes your risk. Many security companies fail to maintain a routine schedule of reassessment and testing of their security procedures. Sometimes being part of a stable team leads to being complacent and complacency in security is very dangerous. Southern Executive Security Services offers Risk Assessments for our clientele, as well as, Security Consulting. You don’t always have to replace your security team, but you should always test them. Failures during practice can be fixed through training. Failure in real life scenarios can be deadly! For some, risks require particular control measures. Our Risk Assessment process can help you identify where you are vulnerable to certain risks and the particular control measures in greater detail. SESS Risk Assessment measures do not have to be assessed separately but can be considered as part of, or an extension of, your overall current risk assessment plan.

Security Consulting Security is at the forefront of no ones mind until a failure occurs. Don’t wait to be a victim to circumstances, contact SESS for a Security Consultation in multiple fields including: Computer and Mobile Devices Crisis Management Internal/External Asset Protection Operational Security Services Security Design Security Reviews and Audit Security Training Strategic Security Intelligence Terrorist Damage Assessments Travel Security Vehicle, Aircraft & Vessels Workplace Violence Prevention