1Business and Community Access
Control entry and and egress access points
2 Plain Clothes Security Detail
- Undercover store security - Workplace Threat Mitigation
3Estate Security
- Property and Resident Protective Services
4Emergency Security Services
- EMT/Medic Services
5Special Event Services
- Black Tie - Red Carpet - Weddings/Proms - Places of Religious Worship
6Uniform and Security Patrol
- Patrol Vehicles - Uniformed Division

Professional training

Our Special Agents have training from organizations such as The U.S. Military, Police Officers Standard Training Academies (P.O.S.T.), National Rifle Association and many other specialized Private Sector schools.

Southern Executive Security Services maintains a Health and Wellness policy that ensures our agents fitness. Being trained to perform a function is one thing, being continuously able is another. Unlike other security companies we mandate continued education and physical fitness for all our field agents.

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